Your Happiness is more important than Marriage


YOUR HAPPINESS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MARRIAGE, Is the title for Today’s Motivational Message Written by Counselor Adofoli.

Marriage is sacred, one of the most important relationships on earth apart from our relationship with our Creator. It’s therefore necessary to do everything on our part to protect and preserve it. Truth be told, your happiness is more important than getting married. How good is a marriage if you are not happy in it? A Happy marriage is a marriage between two happy people. Marriage cannot make you happy if you are not happy as a person. In the same spirit, no great cook can make a great meal from bad ingredients. You are the ingredients for your marriage, if you are bitter, you will have a bitter marriage. You are not happy because you are not getting married or have not gotten married at your age and that thought is causing you to be depressed, have lots of tension, pressure and stress. The question is, do you have what it takes to make a happy marriage? If you don’t have what it takes to make a happy marriage, you will only endure marriage when you get into one because it has no happiness. Let no one lie to you that marriage is about endurance. Marriage is work and happiness, if you have what it takes to achieve a happy marriage, you will enjoy every step and stage of your marriage.For those trapped in an unhappy marriage and causing each other pain, it is time to be honest with yourself and work on your marriage. Seek for help if you have to. If you can’t work on your marriage then choose your happiness over the relationship. Don’t let a bad marriage or relationship kill you.You should also understand happiness is about doing the right things and living right. Choosing your happiness doesn’t mean you should cheat on your spouse or look for happiness outside the marriage. If doing the right thing requires you end the marriage, please do that before you start talking to anyone. It’s an error to remain in a marriage that is killing you just because you don’t want to divorce or because of what people will say about you. If you want to think of what people say then you will never be happy. Many at times, the very things we are afraid of doing are the very things that will make us happy.It’s an error to depend on your marriage or spouse for happiness. Happiness is not always about what someone does for you, but sometimes what you do for yourself. Happiness is not a feeling but a result of the choices you made.Happiness is not in the title of “Mrs”. or properties or how much we have; rather how much we enjoy. if you cannot enjoy simple things like talking, walking, riding, eating, together then it is better doing that alone. Sometimes people, especially the singles, think happiness is expensive, that it has to be acquired, so getting married to riches, known family name, money, properties, a partner who has all the money and wealth in the world, can guarantee happiness. That is not true, if your happiness requires a high price then it’s fake. If you have to marry to be happy too then your happiness is fake.In conclusion, “Seek your happiness in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desire” – Psalm 37:4 (GNT).Please share it with your friends. Someone out there needs this.For counseling, feedback, to invite me to speak at your church, school, organization, school or order my new book “DATE WRONG, MARRY WRONG”, Looking for a life partner?, please call or WhatsApp +233206774279.For more messages and quotes join my new page: the page and invite your friends and family to be part or search for the page “Frank Edem Adofoli” on Facebook.SUBSCRIBE to my Channel on YouTube via Instagram, you for reading.© Frank Edem Adofoli


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