Each intercourse is a unique moment to share with your partner. However, some small behaviors are quite common, such as screaming and moaning. Making noise when making love is completely natural. But how to explain these noises, these moans, or these cries? What does a woman who cries during love want to express? Answers!

Moan And Scream To Express Pleasure

As a rule, a woman who screams during love expresses her pleasure. It also helps to make the lovemaking even hotter. It is an automatic response to pleasure. We can compare this to the sigh that we express when entering a hot bath. Thus, the pleasure that one feels during the sexual act provokes an audible response, and very often involuntary. Also, sometimes, we can make noise during love on purpose, to show our partner that we are having fun.

A Cry To Express Pain

When a sexual act is painful, women find it difficult to express it to their partners. They do not want to “cut” him in his tracks and then moan in pain, and not really pleasure. This is an automatic and involuntary response, which should not be taken personally. If you think your partner is in pain, ask him or her. You can then change position and give him pleasure again. You should not be afraid to communicate during the act or after, to express your feelings and clarify your expectations. Thus, each s*xual intercourse will be better than the last and you will also be able to strengthen your bond.

A Screaming Woman Boosts Her Libido

Getting in the mood and having really fun and hot s*x isn’t always easy. A stressful daily life, accumulated fatigue, a declining libido. Many factors can inhibit women’s pleasure and block them during sexual intercourse. For them, it is sometimes difficult to get in the bath or get in the mood. Unwittingly or consciously, women may cry or moan during s*x to get them more aroused. This then helps them to get in condition and stimulate their libido. Women moan and scream to forget the stresses and strains of the day.

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Screaming Woman Excites Her Partner

It is not just a woman’s libido and arousal that is stimulated by her cries. When women are expecting a s*xual act and want their partner, they know how to let them know. But still, it is necessary that this one wants it. To help their partner get in condition, women use their moans. As a rule, men are very sensitive to the noises we make during s*x. And especially to female moans. Many men admit to having been turned on by the noises their wives make. And this, even if they were not before taking action! So, to stimulate your partner’s libido, do not hesitate to express your pleasure by making noises during s*x.

A Way To Flatter Your Partner

Most of the women start to moan at the time of the act when the penetration begins. And so, after the preliminaries. Their moans and screams grow louder as their partner nears orgasm. So, many women moan to encourage their partners, flatter their egos and improve their self-esteem. This makes them feel comfortable and strengthens the bond that exists between two partners. But also to allow them to make themselves even more desirable in the eyes of their partner. Ultimately, showing your partner that you take pleasure during the act allows you to gain confidence, complicity, and sharing. But it will also allow you to gain experience: trying new things then becomes possible for the couple. Positions, accessories, practices.


Change Your Sexual Tone Thanks To Moans

For women, moaning is a good way to express yourself without words. The moans that women emit during s*x are, for men, an indicator of the pace to take. When a screaming woman expresses her pleasure and her partner starts doing something she doesn’t like, her tone will change. Her moan too. And the sound perceived by man will then seem much less comfortable. Thus, he will change his way of doing things, his rhythm, his practice … To find how to please his partner. Moans during s*x are a way for women to guide their partner without using words!

Moan To End The Act

Women may moan to end a s*xual act faster than they find slow or boring. Men, aroused by moans, usually reach orgasm faster. This is where men must learn to decode their partner’s moans. Indeed, many women recognize that they sometimes simulate their orgasms to accelerate the s*xual act and end it more quickly. A woman who cries during the act does not always feel pleasure. On the contrary, she may be bored. Watch out for the pace, gentlemen! And try to learn to decode your partner’s expressions, cries, and urges.

To Take Control And Adapt The Rhythm

Precisely, speaking of rhythm, women know how to moan to slow down an act that is too fast. Many women use their moans and screams to slow down. It is a “strategy” that they adopt when they feel that their partner is going to reach orgasm too soon for their liking. So, they change the tone of their moans, the rhythm of their body, their initiatives, and their gestures … Their goal is to make their partner understand that they want this moment to last a little longer. You will quickly understand what those moans mean – just think about slowing down the pace to satisfy your partner. If necessary, take a break and focus on enjoying it before resuming the game.

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My Man Does Not Make Noise During S*x, Is This Normal?

Make noise during love and normal. So, should you be worried if your man doesn’t? No, not necessarily! Many men remain silent during intercourse. Moaning is of course not an obligation and few decide to express themselves in this way during the act. It doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of pleasure, although it can be. There can be a number of different reasons men stay silent in bed. The influence of porn (where you hardly ever hear from men) is one of them. This is also the case for a lack of self-confidence, concentration.

However, expressions in bed are important in communication between partners. You can encourage him to free himself during the act and to express his pleasure too. During the act, it is important that everyone finds their pleasure and takes advantage of the present moment! And it seems that screaming and moaning multiplies the sensations, so do not deprive yourself of it. Just learn to communicate and share your feelings. You may then discover that your partner aspires to the same changes as you without daring to tell you!

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