5 Simple Tricks For An Unforgettable S*xual Foreplay


5 Simple Tricks For An Unforgettable S*xual Foreplay

Successful foreplay has to stimulate the desire, kick last inhibitions overboard, and magically connect the two of you. However, the fact is: In many beds, foreplay is neglected. Not to say: it mostly falls flat. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be intensified a lot with a little more imagination. Reason enough to pay more attention to the almost forgotten foreplay, which was the exciting non plus ultra for almost every couple during the phase of love. And that is implemented quickly, after all, foreplay begins when you show yourselves how much you want yourself. Here are our five keys to unforgettable foreplay:

1. The choice of words The best thing is: you can start with it whenever and wherever you want. How about a pleasurable play on words that you whisper in your ear while you’re on the subway? A hot exchange of messages from the workplace can also be the beginning of foreplay. After all, the mental cinema is pleasurable enough on the way home to be able to start right behind the front door.


2. The appetite Chocolate, ginger, oysters – enjoy it! Everything that goes over your tongues as a legendary aphrodisiac in the name of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite makes you want more! So how about are you serving a small appetizer in bed? You can then let the effect melt on your tongue and enjoy it.

3. The touch Loving touch is essential for great trust during s*x. No wonder that a massage has proven itself as a pampering ritual (with consequences). From the classic neck massage on the sofa to an unfamiliar but at least as intense foot massage to an oily full body massage, hardly any desire for relaxation remains unfulfilled. And now let’s be honest: You simply have the best s*x relaxed, right?

4. The surprise Striptease in slow motion, blindfolded, or a newly discovered couple s*x toy? Build the surprise effect into your foreplay – and you – or better said both of you – are sure of the oooh effect!

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5. The journey of discovery Kiss, bite gently, lick – from head to toe! That is the great art of foreplay: Make him feel that you desire every square inch of his body, that you want to feel him very closely, and that you would never let go. He will not be able to help but surrender to you unrestrained.

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