Men are not always as comfortable as women in expressing their feelings. For some, it is even impossible! But their body language is never wrong. So, if there is a way to read a man’s mind and know if he is in love, it is by observing his behavior.

Know If A Man Is In Love

It is by his gestures and a few other details that we recognize a man in love and love with his other half. Here’s how to identify and recognize them. So, is your man in love?

His Voice Changes

When he is in the presence of the woman he loves, the man tends to modify his voice. It gets deeper. Indeed, when a person attracts us or awakens feelings in us, we tend to change our voice unconsciously. The voice of your darling is often more tender with you than with others: it is a sign that he loves you deeply. To find out, you must have heard his voice “before” meeting him. Because some men just have a soft and deep voice.

He Stares At You

When a man pleases a woman, he stares at her and looks at her a lot. So whether it is conscious or not, it will create privacy without touching it. Very regular eye contact is a sure sign. Especially if he tends to maintain his gaze. If a man looks at you a lot, it is a sign that he likes you. And if your darling spends his time looking at you, it is because he is indeed in love with you.

He Plays With His Hair

Women often tend to touch their hair when they like a man. But also when they seek to seduce them. But you should know that men do the same! They tend to touch their hair or beard when they are around the woman they love. If your partner tends to touch their hair around you, this is a sign that they like you and that they are in love with you.


His Pupils Dilate

When looking at a person who arouses real feelings in us, our pupils tend to dilate. If a man’s pupils dilate when he looks at you, it is most likely because he has real feelings for you. A man who appreciates your presence is staring at you and his pupils tend to dilate at that precise moment. You can read the love and interest in his eyes.

It Is Tactile

Consciously or unconsciously, your man wants to touch you. He usually lets it show without realizing it, but you’ll quickly notice it. Men in love are very tactile and tend to initiate physical contact with the woman they love and covet. It is a very gentle form of provocation, and a more than obvious sign of seduction. If you are in a relationship and if your man is very tactile, it is because he likes your contact: he is in love with you. When you are together, he holds you by the hand, by the hip. It touches your arm, your back.

He Approaches To Talk To You

Men tend to approach women when talking to them. And it’s not at all because he thinks you can’t hear him, far from it. Unconsciously, he tries to get closer to you, and to show you that you are interested in him. Likewise, a man in love will systematically seek to get closer to you to hear what you have to say. It is a force of proximity that he seeks in your presence.

Likewise, when he is in love, the man seeks to be near you. He may tend to come closer to you to whisper in your ear. This is how he shows you that he has something special to tell you. And which is intended only for you! Using this gesture also allows him to show others that you are close and that you share a bond, secrets.

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He Smiles And Laughs

Men in love are smiling men! If he tends to smile a lot around you, it’s probably because he’s happy to see you. And to spend time with you. If a man smiles when he sees you, it is a sign that he truly appreciates you. Looking at you brings back fond memories and rekindles her feelings towards you. Is your man smiling in your presence? He is in love with you! And this mood can also lead him to make you laugh and have fun. Thus, he seeks to provoke good times and exchanges between you.

Finally, a man in love will find you funny. He laughs at the jokes you tell him, and has fun with certain traits of your personality. Your man or the one who covets you can also be brought to tease you on certain points.

He Takes Care Of Himself

When we try to please a person, we take care of ourselves. We take care of his appearance, his dress style … If you have the feeling that the man in question always smells good and that he is making an effort to dress well, it is certainly because he is trying to please you. He takes care of himself and considers it important to be presentable and neat when he is by your side. Does he adjust his shirt when he is in your presence? Does he look at himself in the mirror?


He Blushes And Embarrasses Himself

If your man tends to blush, it’s a sure sign that he’s fallen under your spell. And the blush is one of the never-misleading signs: it’s impossible to hide! If he blushes when you look at him, when you look him in the eye, or when you tease him, it is a sign that he is in love and love with you. Likewise, if he shows you his embarrassment when you tease him, he is subconsciously showing that he cares for you. So, does he blush during your exchanges?

He Minimizes Distractions

A man in love is interested in the woman he loves, in what she says as well as in what she shows. He will therefore pay close attention to her throughout the discussion and the moments they spend together. If he loses your attention, he will do whatever it takes to reconnect with you. Likewise, he leaves his phone in your presence and avoids looking at it, even if he receives calls or texts. His attention is mostly focused on you and the moment you are sharing.

He Copies You

If a man copies the way you talk, the way you breathe, or your posture, he’s showing his love for you. Even unconsciously. This form of copying the other makes it possible to create an intimacy with the other, and this is what he seeks to do, without even realizing it. Plus, if he’s using the same phrases and words as you are, he’s trying to get a message across to you. You are connected. Listen to the words and turns of phrase he uses with you. Are they the same ones you use every day?

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