Valentine’s Day is approaching, this rather chocolatey moment, relatively expensive, where flesh, love, and passion inevitably meet under the sheets!
What about when you get your period? Do you + me + my periods = an equation that makes a happy marriage? We will find out together!

Warning! Blood puts you off? Can you hardly watch a scene from Kill Bill until the end without faltering? Then this article is not for you. Although hyper-interesting, educational, and relevant, it deals with blood-soaked topics that can be offensive.

Having sex during your period: is it yes or no?
The answer is not black on red. It depends on several personal factors such as:

  • The intimacy you have with your partner
  • The vigor of your flow
  • Your partner’s openness to being in contact with your periods
  • The feeling of pleasure is sometimes diminished by the generous lubrication of menstrual fluids
  • The comfort level of the menstruating person, his pleasure may be disturbed by the smell or the feeling of being dirty
  • The discomfort of the premenstrual symptoms experienced: bloating, nausea, fatigue, etc

For others, it is the inconvenience of the clutter represented by a part of the leg in the juicy area that stops their sexual ardor: stained sheets, etc.
In all cases, the watchword is to respect yourself and to respect the discomfort of your partner.

2 Benefits Of Having Sex On Your Period

1) Sex and masturbation would relieve pain and stress! Yes Yes! The secreted endorphins act as powerful pain relievers.

2) Blood can act as a natural lubricant… No need to say more, I think you have enough imagination.

Sex during periods: a health risk?
We will settle this right away. No, menstrual blood is not toxic or harmful to health.

That being said, it is true that the risk of sexually transmitted infections is a little higher because of the blood and uterine lesions that menstruation causes.
Think of the condom as your best friend.


Sexual Relationship Menstruation
Is it possible to get pregnant during your period?
Yes! Although the odds are low, they are still there.
Why? Because sometimes some more stubborn sperm can hide in cavities and survive until ovulation!

This normally takes place on the 14th day of the cycle (roughly a week after menstruation), but for someone with a shorter or irregular cycle, the chances of procreation increase!
So yes, unprotected sex during menstruation can lead to pregnancy!
Again, consider the condom your best friend!

4 Tips If You Want To Embark On The Adventure.

1) Talk to your partner openly, honestly, without judgment or pressure.
Respecting your limits and those of your bedroom mate is essential for having positive and fulfilling sexuality!

2) Prepare your playground! Consume your love in an auspicious place. For example, when camping, without access to water, in a wet sleeping bag full of fir thorns is NOT a good place.
Prefer the bed instead, spread out some towels to avoid repainting your bedding (preferably dark). Wet washcloths may also be helpful.
Having said that, showering and bathing are also great options as the blood stops flowing!


3) Obviously, remove the intruder (tampon or menstrual cup), if necessary. Throwing your partner on a scavenger hunt inside your vagina on a sweaty, nocturnal adventure is killer. Believe me.

4) Show your imagination! Is vaginal penetration the only option? It is possible to masturbate together, to experience anal sex, or to practice the smear while keeping your clothes on!

Do sexuality and menstruation go hand in hand? Certainly. Each couple has a different approach and limits! The important thing is to prioritize pleasure and respect while protecting yourself. When love calls, sex comes at a gallop! You are now equipped to have a great Valentine’s Day, no matter what point in your cycle you find yourself in.

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