As good as your relationship looks, is it the same in the bedroom? Are you having a satisfying, pleasurable s*x life? Or the spices of sex have already left your bedroom and this has been a canker in your relationship?
Well, do not worry! This is quite a common problem with most couples today.  
Tedious routines, an ever-increasing level of competition and pressure at work, quotidian chores and messy life often take away your interest, mood, and energy for having pleasurable s*x. Let’s get this clear, s*x is to be enjoyed and not to be endured.

In the era which we found ourselves today toys, oils, fragrances, apparels are available to enhance one’s s*xual activities.
The only room in the world which doesn’t get full is the room for improvement. Your s*xual life can be improved as well with these interesting s*x tips.

If you are not in the mood for anything, you do it haphazardly. S*x is more of mind work than the physical up and down. A frustrated and disturbed mind will definitely underperform in the bedroom hence, having a relaxed mind is very important for good s*x. You must put aside all worries, pressure at work, bills to pay, and other things and get the mind relaxed. You must be in the mood mentally to really enjoy the moment with your partner. This helps you focus on the moment without any disturbance of the mind and its result is a fantastic s*x experience.


   2. SET THE MOOD. Just like you ironed your shirt or dress before putting it on and you feel confident in it, same way you need to set the mood for a good s*x experience. Make the atmosphere a romantic and s*xy one with candles, dim lights, special room fresheners, seductive fragrances, and a well-laid bed, etc. All of these put your partner, especially the woman in that romantic mood and both of you enjoy the moment of pleasurable sex.

    3. COMMUNICATION. The best way to transfer what is in your mind to another person is to communicate. A healthy relationship is built on healthy communication. To have a great s*x life or experience, a salacious and spicy conversation with your partner works as a propellant for your s*x drive. This sets the pace for s*xual intercourse to be enjoyed by you both. Engage your partner in interesting s*x talk. Express your desire and expectation about s*x. Flirt with your partner to get their mindset in the direction of s*x. Do not overdo this! Be gentle and romantic in expressing yourself to your partner. Be a good listener. Don’t accuse and ignore their feelings. Let the conversations be full of fun and flirts and do not forget to communicate with body language like contact and the rest. This sets both of you on the same path and you enjoy every bit of s*x together.

4.TIME FOR S*X: The time you have s*x is key and makes it more enjoyable and pleasurable. Make time for s*x but do not only stick to a timetable drawn for s*x. Do not fall under the impression that you can allow your s*x drive to reach the max in the night only. Remember that morning or afternoon s*x is as much fun and pleasurable as evening s*x. If you stick to seriously falling short of time then indulge in pleasant s*x talks, cuddling, and kissing with your partner, so that they get to know that you are interested in s*x.


5. TRY NEW THINGS!: Trying new things can be difficult and frustrating at times but doing the old things can be more frustrating and boring. Anything you are used to gets boring over time. That is why you need to try new things when it comes to s*x. Try new positions, new styles, etc. Do not be glued to the old path of lovemaking. Any healthy changes are good to set the mood for a great s*x experience. Be dynamic! It spices up your s*x life and brings more joy and love.

6. EXPLORE THE BODY: Yes, Explore!. The earth has four cardinal points: North, South, East, and West. In the same way, the body of your partner has different parts that need to be explored. To have great s*x, do not focus on penetration only. Allow your partner to guide you in exploring his or her body. Don’t be in a haste for penetration. Take your foreplay more exciting and pleasurable with good oral s*x. Instead of getting excessively sloppy, try to make slower and softer movements. Discover their body and figure out their s*xually sensitive spots. Allow your partner to lead you with directions so that you do exactly what he or she wants. 

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7.GET A LITTLE FREAKY AND CRAZY: S*x shouldn’t always be done in the bedroom. Explore other unusual places like the kitchen, bathroom with the shower turned on, on the couch, etc. These kinds of s*x are normally unplanned. Try to be spontaneous. You can equally choose complicated or unusual timing to have s*x like when dressed up for work. It adds some fun and crazy touch to the experience.

8. EXERCISE TO BE FIT: Exercise keeps the mind fit and strong. Passionate s*x demands cardio endurance. Regularly go jogging, walking, or swimming and try lifting lighter weights. Remember that while trying different sex positions, you must be physically fit with a high level of endurance. Also, your body should be quite flexible to enable movements of various complicated yet pleasurable positions.

Your diet has an impact on your s*x drive. There are alcoholics and other kinds of stuff claiming to be sexual boosters but are not helping.Omega-3 fatty acids diet such as mackerel, salmon and wild salmon are good. L-Arginine riched foods such as oatmeal, cashew, dairy, garlic, soybeans, walnuts, ginseng, chickpeas, root vegetables, and seeds can be taken by men especially. These help boost libido for a great s*xual experience.

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