Seduction is an art that does not master all to perfection. But this is by no means inevitable. We can learn to adopt the right attitudes to seduce men, and thus foster new relationships. As you will see, seduction is not just a bunch of random methods. It emanates from you. Here are seven key steps to seducing a man.

How To Seduce A Man?

Most people think it’s for men to seduce women, not the other way around. The latter are also under significant pressure. But when the man you want does not notice you, it becomes essential to take matters into your own hands. Not all women know how to seduce, or think they cannot. However, seduction is not limited to the application of a series of methods or the exhibition of a dream body. For someone to be interested in us, sometimes you have to encourage them to do so. Our physique is an asset, but knowing how to use our voice, body language, and attitudes is essential.

For a man to be interested in you, he must, first of all, find you interesting. Not just beautiful or smart. He must manage to trust you through the way you approach him and converse. The coveted man must therefore be comfortable with you, and feel confident. A seductress must get men to take the initiative to see her again, and possibly to start a story.

Ask Yourself The Right Questions

When we try to seduce, we tend to want to go too fast. However, you often have to make some changes in your habits and behavior. Being attractive is not something innate. It should be understood that seduction is not limited to various techniques and methods. It comes first from us, from what we are and what we do with our qualities. To be attractive, you must first know yourself by asking yourself the right questions. What is your motivation? What do you want to do with your free time? Do you have passions? Are you shy? What is your objective? What do you want to achieve?

Take a sheet of paper, and list a total of ten qualities that you are sure you have. And ten is just a minimum. You probably have more. Cut yourself off from distractions and focus on exercising. Some qualities may be difficult to find, but we never take the time to think about them. Whatever qualities you have, write them down. As you list them, you will gain confidence.


Next, ask yourself what you are looking for in seduction. Find love? A lover? How is he? How would you like to interact with him? Would you like a relationship or several adventures? For what reasons? It is a work of introspection of which only you have the key. No outside help will give you the answers that only you know. To help you do this, imagine yourself in five years: where will you be? With whom? In what framework? What are your long term goals?

Affirm Your Style And Personality

Each human being is unique. In seduction, the physique counts. It’s even a very important aspect, especially if you want to project yourself into a long-term relationship. Your partner must please you both physically and mentally. As people, we all have our style. But this can always be improved. Define your style. Your elegance will allow you to distinguish yourself.

Just Take Care Of Yourself

Go to the hairdresser, highlight your eyes with a few lines of make-up, wear clothes in your size, and adapted to your morphology… Do not hesitate to work on your posture and keep yourself straight. Good posture will help you feel confident. Finally, if you can stand out with a style elements such as a specific item of clothing, an accessory, jewelry, a singular haircut.

Forget What You Think You Know About Men

As we mentioned earlier, we are all unique. Men are too. Seduction is therefore not a simple matter of methods. Otherwise, everyone would be able to seduce anyone.
The best basis for seduction is you. Forget all your bad memories with men, and all the negative points often mentioned by other women (especially in the movies). Don’t focus on what you think you know about men. And don’t think you can seduce all men: they are not all attracted to the same women. Like women, men like to be seduced, but mostly by attractive, elegant, and confident women.


Learn To Approach Men

To seduce a man, you have to find yourself on a ground suited to your personality. This allows you to be confident, on familiar ground. Seducing in the streets is an easy way to get in touch with men. But most often, the meetings take place during parties, dinners, or others. To do this, you must assume your interest in the person you are trying to seduce. Get started in direct contact.

At first, it makes you feel comfortable around men. This is important if you are looking to seduce one. Your first approaches may be timid, which is fine. But to have a real effect, you need to be confident and tactful. In seduction, many people tend to cut corners and fail to get results. Then learn how to enhance yourself through body language. When you know how to bring out your qualities through your attitude, you can play with the levers of attraction.

Get The First Appointment

By following these four steps, you should be able to seduce a man and get the first date with the man you are attracted to. And it is from this moment that seduction will become major support. The first steps were to get the attention of the person you wanted. Then, your qualities will allow you to go further and get closer to your previously defined goals.

Seduction therefore also involves conversation. Getting an appointment so as not to discuss anything with the other amounts to providing a maximum of effort for a meager result. Conversing is therefore the best way to break the ice and develop the relationship. What we say is just as important as how we say it. The seductive power of our voice is often overlooked and yet it is very important.

The intonation of the voice contributes 38% of the conversation, according to psychologists. The meaning of the words is only 7%. For the rest, it is the body language that speaks, since it contributes to 55% of the conversation. Seduction is therefore based on an ideal mixture of these three concepts, which must be learned to master.


Initiate Physical Contact

Contrary to popular belief, women are the source of the first contact in 75% of cases. It is therefore perfectly natural to initiate contact with the man you covet. This contact can be a simple touch of the hand, arm, or shoulder. If this contact seems spontaneous, it is most often deliberate. In this way, you manifest your receptivity and give the man implicit authorization to take the initiative. This can result in hugging or taking your hand, for example.

Initiating physical contact while remaining in a logic of seduction is not easy for everyone. It may be perfectly natural for many, but a little less spontaneous for others. Only initiate this contact if you are sure you want to go further in this relationship. If the man you covet responds favorably to this first contact, he may take the initiative.

Make The Relationship A Reality

As a rule, men are the source of the first invitations to go out, to dinner, to kiss, or even to have sex. Seduction often takes the form of the expression of one of these invitations from the coveted man. He is seduced. For some people, the relationship will end at this stage because it serves a possible initial purpose. Or because it is too fast or too slow for one of the two partners. Seduction needs a certain encouragement from everyone, but also a form of taming.
This last step therefore directly echoes the first. What was your goal with this man? An adventure? A lasting relationship? The majority of love stories begin after this seductive sentence. Sometimes it is instantaneous and reciprocal. Other times, it’s up to you to do whatever it takes to get yourself noticed by the coveted man. We sometimes witness real love at first sight. Sometimes the two partners get to know each other and get to know each other for months

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