couple sex I am aware that it is a little taboo subject but it is necessary to approach it we want to find solutions to its problem. Wondering how to stay in bed for a long time shows that you care about your partner and their happiness.
The s*x life of a couple is not an element to be neglected, on the contrary. It is important to know how to give pleasure to the one you love but also to receive it. In this article, I will for once not address myself to women but to men who have trouble staying in bed longer because the excitement is too strong. If this phenomenon is frequent and your darling puts the pressure to send you to 7th heaven but he does not succeed, do not panic, there are a few simple tips to implement but for this, you will have to fight first. against preconceived ideas.

The first is to consider that your man is a precocious ejaculator because that often has nothing to do with it. Premature ejaculation is a disease that should be treated medically, while the fact of not staying in bed for a long time is more related to the fear of doing wrong. It is therefore possible to change things quickly by modifying their behavior. But I will come back to this later.
The life of a couple has several important elements and s*x is one of them. It is important to be aware of this if you want to succeed in finding happiness. If we fail to have a fulfilling s*x life, there can be consequences in our daily life. Quite simply because s*x is, in part, revealing the good health of the couple.

What are the tips to last in bed? How to last longer while making love? How to give pleasure to a man? I will reveal some secrets to you in this article and if you want to go further, I will also direct you to an amazing training which is aimed at both men and women and which has the name 500 s*xual and love tips.

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S*x makes it possible to solidify a couple or in any case to share special moments because we will take and give each other pleasure. However Difficult when you do not make love quickly and the penetration does not exceed a few minutes. Staying longer in bed is therefore giving yourself a chance to improve your bond and therefore multiply the pleasure that you will share with your other half.

Lasting longer when making love or rather wanting it doesn’t have a hidden meaning. We want to both give and receive more pleasure. Indeed, we take it for a few minutes but we always want more especially if the s*x is pleasant we do not want to deprive ourselves. stay longer in bed
It is therefore normal to wonder how to make love longer. We can try new positions. You can run a marathon all night on your birthday or for a very special evening.

But I was also able to coach a woman who, like you, wanted her man to make love to her longer because she was afraid that by force he would turn away from her to test with another woman and that he would not find pleasure elsewhere. After all, it will be able to last longer without enjoying it. He as she put enormous pressure on his shoulders to have an orgasm at the same time. But it is sometimes difficult and you have to accept it.

This does not mean that we have to act fatalistically by telling ourselves this is the way it is and it will not change. But rather that we should not seek perfection from the outset and set a plan over several weeks or even months to know how to behave.
In my opinion, we have to have a more sentimental approach and realize that this is good for us. Staying in bed for a long time isn’t just for your man or your wife, it’s for the couple!

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It is also a way to break the routine because we can experience more things together, we can get closer and test new practices. Usually, when you have s*x for 5 minutes or less, you don’t have time to change positions or set up a role-play. However, it is essential to get off the ground!


To last longer in bed, one thing that is most important to understand is that you need to be in good physical condition. Making love, whether we like it or not, is making a physical effort. You sweat, you breathe hard, you get tired, with more pleasure, it’s like doing a workout.
When an athlete wants to run longer what does he do? He trains! Well for you it is also the same. If you want to last longer, you should not just rely on willpower but also on the physical.

Having a healthy lifestyle, being used to making physical efforts will greatly help you be much more enduring in bed. You have to see s*x or at least the will to improve in this area as a sports competition. Especially since your body is involved.
But exercise isn’t the only silver bullet when you wonder how to last in bed. Once in the action, you should also use tips so as not to come too quickly. First of all, you can make foreplay last a little longer and not necessarily focus all on penetration. stay longer in bed
We will have to change position, to alternate the rhythm and not let it go too quickly. You can take the lead to control everything, being a little slower, more sensual, whereas women may tend to want to give it all too quickly.

Finally, the other tip that I wanted to reveal to you here to make love for a long time consists of choosing the right night! If your sweetheart comes home late from work, has a complicated day the next day, has a lot of stress, you can make her happy. Simply, for a crazy night out this might not be a perfect time, especially if you too are in the same situation. Not that you don’t want each other, maybe you can’t physically hold it. And last I heard, it takes two to have good s*x.
To discover other secrets to control your ejaculation, I refer you to a book that is a real gold mine because it is a self-coaching guide to fight against premature ejaculation




Making love for hours and hours or several times in the night is bound to bring you closer. However, that does not mean that we take a lot of fun. If you manage to have s*x all night it’s good, but giving pleasure, having orgasms is better. And you should know that penetration is not only a guarantee of having an orgasm for a woman, but it is above all the most complex way to achieve ultimate enjoyment. In most cases, from the preliminaries, it is possible to get off.

Indeed, fellatio or cunnilingus is very important, to make your other half scream with pleasure. If you don’t have the techniques or are worried about doing it wrong, there are also guides on how to do it right.
Do not neglect the excitement phase either by sending each other erotic sext or exchanging naughty words before taking action.
The same does not apply to caresses and not necessarily with the mouth or with the tongue! Use your fingers to make your other half vibrate and give them maximum sensation.

It is therefore not only necessary to wonder how to last longer in bed but also how to give pleasure to a man or a woman. I have written a specific article which answers this question and which will help you to become an incredible sexual partner because you will know everything about the expectations of your other half, to find out just click here: I want to know how to increase s*xual desire.


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