I Am Pregnant With Twins, Should I Eat More Or Differently?

There is no specific nutritional advice for women who are expecting twins. As with any pregnancy, try to eat a healthy, balanced diet. It will provide you with all the nutrients you and your babies need and allow you to gain enough weight for your babies to develop properly. Most twins are born prematurely, so they must get enough food in your uterine cavity to decrease the risk of being born with low birth weight.

Your babies will mostly gain weight from the third trimester of pregnancy (after the 28th week), but it’s worth noting that it’s the pounds you gain in the second trimester that will have the most impact on their birth weight.

How Many Extra Calories Do I Need Per Day?

In France, there are no official recommendations for feeding mothers-to-be expecting twins. Generally, doctors recommend 300 extra calories per day per baby or 600 extra calories per day. They also agree with the opinion of the American Dietetic Association which believes that the energy or calories necessary for your twins to have a correct weight gain should be obtained through an increase in the food intake and/or a decrease. physical activity. BabyCentre UK dietician Fiona Ford confirms this: If you exercise very little or are bedridden, you naturally won’t need the same number of calories as someone who exercises regularly.


How Can I Be Sure My Babies Are Getting All The Nutrients They Need?

It can be difficult to eat a healthy and balanced diet when you are expecting twins. The symptoms related to pregnancy such as nausea, problem digestion, constipation, and desires irresistible are often more intense due to the increased amount of pregnancy hormones that circulate in your body. Talk to your midwife who will tell you how to deal with these symptoms.
As you progress through your pregnancy, you may not have much of an appetite, and you may also feel full quickly after drinking and eating, which will prevent you from gaining weight. You may then prefer to swallow small amounts of food several times a day, rather than three large meals.

How Many Kilos Should I Gain If I’m Having Twins?

In 2009, a group of experts from the French National College of Gynecologists recommended that women pregnant with twins take between 16 to 24 kg. In the event of obesity or overweight, this weight gain is more limited, of the order of 14 to 26 kg.
If you are not gaining enough weight, it could be because you are not eating enough or exercising too much. Try to eat more of the foods you enjoy and reduce your physical activity. You can also indulge yourself in a few extra treats by adding delicious desserts to a healthy diet.
Conversely, if you gain too much weight, try to eat less and/or increase your physical activity.


If you gain a lot of weight very quickly, talk to your midwife or GP as this could be a sign of preeclampsia.

Should I Take Vitamins Or Food Supplements?

Take 400 micrograms of folic acid a day before you even get pregnant and during the first trimester of pregnancy. Your midwife or doctor may give you an iron supplement if your blood tests show you need it.
This is because it helps prevent the risk of anemia in the mother, a common problem with multiple pregnancies. However, it is often easier from a digestive point of view to eat foods rich in iron than to take a supplement, as iron tablets can cause constipation.
You may also need to take pregnancy multivitamins daily, as well as an omega 3 supplement, but talk to your doctor or midwife first.

Who Can Advise Me On Having A Good Diet During Pregnancy?

If you need further advice, you can consult a dietitian (your doctor or midwife may be able to advise you), or attend groups for women who are pregnant with twins, and discuss feeding issues. Good to know: an American study has shown that mothers who received advice from a dietitian “gained more weight and had fewer children whose birth weight was severely underweight”


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