Best S*x Ever


Best s*x ever

He’ll never forget the night with you Sure, we all want to be good in bed. Super is ok too. The best – yes, also, why not? Modesty was a gesture: we want the night with us to be simply unforgettable. We want to hear a man tell us that we are amazing in bed. That can certainly be reconciled with an emancipated ego. Actually very good! So what do we women have to do to be the best he’s ever had? To find out, we spoke to Annabelle Knight, an expert, and writer on s*x and relationships. Realization: Sometimes it is the very little things that have the greatest impact…

● Best s*x ever: head cinema Do you want s*x? Okay, let the bedroom door shut for now. S*x doesn’t just start in bed. Expert Annabelle Knight advises: “Expand the foreplay: Text him wildly while you are both still at work, surprise him with an unusual date, spoil him when he doesn’t expect it – all of this makes s*x more exciting and less routinely. To be the best, it is not enough that you are good in bed, it is also about what you do outside of bed …

● Best s*x ever: the joy of experimentation If you want to be the best, you should feel like experimenting a little. Keep surprising your partner with new ideas. There is no such thing as good or bad – but there is routine. And it is bad. That doesn’t mean that you have to pull out your handcuffs right away (of course, if you like it, do it!), But one or two small experiments can work wonders. Playing with the senses is perfect for this. “You will be amazed how your senses are sharpened when one of the senses is switched off for a short time,” says Annabelle Knight. “Blindfold your partner and start using s*x toys. If you really want to make him hot, use chilled glass toys,” suggests the expert. Extra tip: “Cool the toys in the fridge beforehand and surprise him. Let dildos and co. Slide over his body, especially where he is particularly sensitive. Add a few passionate kisses now and then and he will wax in your hands.”


● Best s*x ever: handcraft Now it’s getting damp. Because, especially with a good handjob, the following applies: Wet and a little slippery is just the thing when it comes to your sensitive area. In other words, use generous amounts of lubricant when pampering it with your hands. “Handjobs will be unforgettable for him that way. Put some lube on your hands and then do slow, stroking movements,” says Annabelle Knight. “Also try turning your hand in a kind of screwing motion.” Extra tip: Use lubricants with a gentle scent or with a slight Warming effect. That’s a real win when it comes down to business!

● Best s*x ever: Perineum You should definitely pay some attention to this zone if you want it to be remembered forever. We present the perineum. It lies between the testicles and anus and is an extremely sensitive point for men. The expert’s tip: “Gently stimulate the perineum with your moistened fingertips and give it a gentle extra massage at this point. Depending on how it reacts to the touch, increase the pressure and speed.” Another tip: if you do this mini-massage while he is cumming, he will feel that his orgasm lasts longer and is particularly intense.


● Best s*x ever: eye contact Look at him. And while eating. It will be an intense experience for both of you. Especially when your face is inches from his. “That doesn’t mean you have to stare at your partner all the time. But a few long, intense glances while it gets down to business can work wonders,” says Annabelle Knight. Unfortunately, many couples don’t look at each other during s*x. Same problem as talking during s*x. Why actually? You miss so much! Both dirty talk and hot eye contact will have more than positive effects on your s*x life.

● Best s*x ever: control freak Behaving safely and confidently during s*x is a factor that should not be underestimated if you want to make a lasting impression on him. How? Well, signal to him that at no point is he in control of the situation. You stay the boss and decide what happens when and how. “He’s at the mercy of little bondage games. Soft satin cuffs are an alternative to classic handcuffs and feel much better on the skin. If you don’t have anything to tie up with, just hold his wrists tight,” advises Annabel Knight. The feeling of being completely at your mercy is particularly exciting for him. “That requires mutual trust. A trust that makes s*x an even deeper experience. Granted, it might be a little too much if you tie him to bed every day. But every now and then it can be quite a pleasure.”


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