Everyone knows that when you’re a couple, you love cuddling. And when you’re single, we miss it. But did you know that in addition to all the reasons we love them, hugs can have incredible and positive effects on our health? Here are the 9 benefits of hugs that you did not know:

1. Cuddles produce oxytocin Kezako? The Oxytocin is actually a magic hormone that makes good stuff like make you happy or make you feel close to others. This hormone is crucial in a hug, as you will see in the following benefits.

2. Hugs boost the immune system You know when you feel so powerful because you’re in love? This is because you are making lots of oxytocin, and it makes you feel like nothing can stop you. As a result, you also produce hormones that fight infections. Too cool the power of love and happiness, right?


3. Hugs Relieve Pain Same principle, it is oxytocin that acts. When your neck hurts, you massage it to make the pain go away, and that simple touch makes you produce oxytocin. So imagine what it feels like when you hug!

4. Hugs help strengthen your relationship Communication is everything, but people often forget how important contact is. When you come home stressed and tired, without taking the time to sit down with your other half, you create tension. So instead, take at least 10 minutes for a big, big hug. It will be much more relaxing than anything else (thank you oxytocin!) And you will strengthen your relationship.

5. Hugs and more if affinities Even the simplest of touches can cause us to produce dopamine, a pheromone that increases sexual desire. So a hug or a massage can go a long way. And sex has even more power than hugs: it distresses, strengthens a relationship, and even makes you play sports.


6. Hugs help women bond We go back to oxytocin, but in the context of birth and breastfeeding. Because not only does this hormone help bring two people together, it works even better between a mother and her baby. It helps, for example, to relax the mother so that breastfeeding is easier, or to help her sleep better.

7. Hugs reduce social anxiety Oxytocin makes you more positive. So if you arrive at that party where you only know one person and they hug you when they arrive, you’re going to feel a lot better, instead of sticking around. Yes Yes.

8. Hugs reduce stress Just in case it wasn’t clear yet. A hug makes us produce oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel good, and therefore, prevents us from stress. You will feel closer to people, more open and more relaxed. Your immune system will be even more powerful! No more reason to stress.

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9. Hugs reduce the risk of heart disease Oxytocin strikes again. Less stress also means less tension, and therefore a much lower risk of cardiovascular disease. The heart is happy and does not struggle with stress; he therefore remains in excellent health for longer. Bonus: hugs have no definition A hug doesn’t have to be between you and your lover. It also works with friends, or even with your cat. Eventually, you can even hug yourself! But we are not sure that it works as well.

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