After an intense and unforgettable sexual marathon, even between the sheets, the body asks us for something that has nothing to do with caresses or demonstrations of love. We want to eat. Salty, sweet, whatever. And it has to be fast. But what? 
To fix the issue for hungry lovers of the world, Planet JOY set out to list the eight best foods for after lovemaking. Read and fill your refrigerator. Then don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

Pizza Books may say that one eats pizza after having sex because carbohydrates help us regain lost energy, but the real explanation is different: eating a portion of mozzarella has a special mystique. Sex and pizza make a great couple and there aren’t too many rational explanations for it. One can only argue that pizza is practical because it is eaten in bed and one can wipe one’s hands on the cardboard. It also weighs the fact that, if you call delivery, you can open the door in a robe and slippers, and then return non-stop to bed. 

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Ice cream It must be that we saw too many movies in which ice cream is functional to the tumble. However, in this case, the half-kilo pot will not be at the service of any fantasy but will serve to satisfy oneself after the act of passion. It is refreshing and is shared by spoonfuls or licks, depending on how the hand comes. Like pizza, it can be ordered over the phone and you don’t have to dress to shop. The best flavor? Dulce de leche granita. Unbeatable. 

Chocolate This point is somewhat tricky. Chocolate is a classic for after sex; But, since cocoa is a stimulant of sexual desire -because it has a component called phenylethylamine-, the “danger” of eating too much is to start again with caresses. So you have to slow down with the tablets. There are already too many endorphins at stake in this matter. 

Nuts Clearly, it is a matter of textures that makes nuts such big stars of post-sex. Turkish apricots, plums, raisins, walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds (rich in vitamin B2, although who cares), with a glass of fresh white wine, are the ideal complement to fall asleep in a spoon. The only problem is that if you hit almonds hard, you have to brush your teeth one last time before falling asleep, which can be a bit cumbersome when buttoned. 


Toast point requires a little more effort. It involves going to the kitchen, putting some loaves in the toaster, and going back to bed with a tray that includes cream cheese, Gruyère triangles, and good mustard. The task of spreading the toast, that laborious and minimal ceremony, is a game that always works after intercourse. Of course, you have to try not to fill the bed with crumbs. 

Dulce de leche with meringue here the chain loosened a bit. Dulce de leche with meringue is a classic for after sex, but in this case, what you are looking for is not a deep sleep but quite the opposite. Seeing our partner submerged up to the nose in a pot of dulce de leche, and on top accompanying it with meringue (is there a better painting to paint gluttony?), Is a pleasure in itself: that sweet lust will pass to greater. 


A glass of wine No complicated recipes. A glass of wine is always good after making love. He sends us to sleep nonstop and with guaranteed double happiness. It is especially recommended if you plan to go to bed at nap time. 

Lollipops Another detail a little pig. If after having sex you offer a Sweet Pico to your partner, it is because you still wanted to continue with the first. Seeing a woman with a lollipop in her mouth exerts a Cenozoic-era primate fascination on man. It is a very useful treatment to have on the bedside table; also, much healthier than reaching for a pack of cigarettes.

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