5 s*x positions for more privacy


The goal of s*x is not always orgasm. Sometimes it’s also intensifying a connection, and intimacy within a relationship.

The practice of s*x is to focus on an exchange of energies rather than bodily fluids. We feel the desire rising but we do not give in to it. Or in any case, not right away. It’s bewitching, intriguing and above all: it brings people together. Not from a physical point of view no, rather emotionally, spiritually. We find ourselves more connected to the other because we take the time to feel their presence, their breath, their caresses.

 Intimacy in relationships is precious and sometimes it is specifically sought. We need a moment when nothing seems to exist around us, a kind of privileged bubble that is good for the soul and inevitably for the body too. A singular situation that it is possible to accentuate, even provoke, according to psychologist Holly Richmond. At Women’s Health, she guarantees it: certain positions promote connection since they create “a feeling of security, confidence, and visibility”.

We list five love parades recommended by specialists, for tender nights and smoother relationships.

1. The right angle

How to use: lie down on your right side. Your partner kneels, straddling your right leg and wrapping your left leg around their left side. Your bust and hers form a right angle.


Why it connects: “It allows you to look yourself in the eye and have a breathtaking view of her body, ” comments Holly Richmond. And it doesn’t matter where you are. Perfect for showing him how excited you are with the way he/she touches or penetrates you, with a moan, a smile, a sigh. In terms of pleasure, the right angle offers many possibilities for additional stimulation, clitoral, or anal type. Each partner can thus reach out to the other, and go there with their fairy fingers. Enjoyable.

2. The inverted spoon

Instructions: lie on your side, facing each other, and place one leg, bent, on his hip to let his hand, a s*x toy, or his penis pass between your legs.

Why it brings you closer: your two faces are only a few centimeters away, your bodies move at the same pace, your eyes never leave each other. “We don’t get more intimate than that!” Exclaims the expert. And we believe her. Moreover, for the little tip, it is highly recommended to try a smooth transition when you want to move on, by migrating to the missionary. Which, it’s time, to be honest, delights us more than we’d like to admit.


3. The face-to-face:

Instructions for use: Your partner is seated on a chair or the edge of the bed; you are facing him, as you sit on his knees, your arms around his neck and your lips a few inches from his.

Why it brings people together: “This position is ideal for eye contact and closeness. Also, your bodies touch each other a lot”, argues the s*x therapist. She advises encouraging the other to stand closer and closer, and to guide him by whispering in the hollow of his ear how you would like him to stroke you. If you want him to enter you, take advantage of this advantageous angle for deep penetration. Success – on all fronts – guaranteed.

4. The shell

How to use: Lie down with your legs raised and ankles crossed behind your head (or just tilted back without acrobatics – we sympathize with the chair bars). Then, your partner penetrates you or rubs against you installed as during the missionary (we always come back).

Why it brings people together: First and foremost: okay, it feels more like an advanced yoga class than the relaxation time that comes with ass. But we promised you what to intensify the intimacy, not necessarily easy positions to achieve. The proof with that which we will call “the shell” because from a distance it resembles a sort of Saint-Jacques opens on a pearl. The pearl is our clitoris – because the jewel of our goddess body, it should be specified.


For Holly Richmond, this posture calls for connection with the other for the good reason that it requires some communication. “The partner above must follow exactly what the partner below dictates, whether it is rubbing against her clitoris or adjusting inside to reach the G-spot .”

5. The dancer

How to utilize this position is to: Stand on one foot, face your partner, and wrap the raised leg around their waist as they carry you.

Why it brings you together: Getting into a new position forces you to rely on each other all the time, explains the expert, which is an “unparalleled confidence-building exercise.” Whether you are trying to “dance” against one of the walls in your bedroom, in the kitchen, or the shower, you have to support each other, lean on each other (literally and figuratively), and surrender to this improvised choreography. Ideal for strengthening ties, without forgetting to do yourself some good.

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