That’s it, it’s the big night, the one you’ve been waiting for. Things are starting to get serious with Jean-Albert, and obviously, you are going to work extra hard to make this evening perfect and memorable. And when the time comes for the tchiki-boom (the thing, coitus, you know what) you would like to look your best, fit, fresh as a roach, solid as a rock, enduring like a world curling champion or pony on ice.
But how do you make your rose-smelling crush or after-shave crush completely addicted to you? Eating well is the secret! Discover 18 foods to make your hip-hop fun more than ever!

    Let’s start the celebrations with a flagship food for gourmets… chocolate, of course! We spoke to you some time ago about its positive virtues on our brain thanks to the presence of flavanols, molecules that stimulate memory, in particular. Well, also know that chocolate, like music, allows you to increase your levels of serotonin and dopamine in your brain, and therefore make you happier every day. You know what you have to do: create a little subdued atmosphere and pop into the grocery store to stock up on chocolate. Your target will appreciate it.
  • 2. OYSTERS.
    Indeed, an oyster tasting session is not very fun in itself. With their look and sticky texture, it’s hard to be so stimulated that you throw yourself into the arms of the person who has to share your diaper tonight (if not, it would even be rather worrying). However, we should not be fooled by appearances. Oysters are made up of zinc, a mineral that boosts testosterone and gets you in shape: the night will undoubtedly be intense.
  • 3. SPINACH.
    Out of inspiration before the big leap? You may have to put a little butter in your spinach (yes, the expression has no meaning here, but we absolutely wanted to cram it in). Because yes, a good spinach dish will help you fill up with magnesium, and magnesium will help you dilate the blood vessels and thus stimulate your arousal as much as possible. If vegetables aren’t your thing, consider the benefits they can bring you!
  • 4. GREEN TEA.
    We are unanimous and we keep telling you: green tea is very good, and what’s more, it’s good for your health! Rich in compounds called catechins, which are known to reduce your abdominal fat (as part of a healthy lifestyle, obviously) and turn it into energy, green tea is said to stimulate your desire and make you almost everything.

    The spiciest dishes are by far the best: your moments with your crush will therefore be particularly electric, if you anesthetize your palate with the tasting of a small red pepper, in the greatest calm. Indeed, the pepper would stimulate endorphins and your metabolism, but also accelerate your heart rate: tonight is THE night, it will heat up!
  • 6. PESTO.
    Did you know pine nuts are packed with zinc (like oysters!)? And that people who have a high level of zinc in their body had better libido than others? Add to that garlic, which boosts endurance, and you have the winning combo!
  • 7. GINGER.
    Ginger is known to be a very effective aphrodisiac… Besides, “ginger” in Chinese means “virility”, and we don’t believe in luck. So, myth or reality? It would seem that this information is not just a legend, since ginger is the cause of an influx of blood in the body, thus more easily causing s*xual arousal.
  • 8. POTATOES.
    Regardless of their varieties, potatoes are always a great source of potassium. They also stimulate blood circulation, allowing you to better control your pleasure. Also, a few studies have shown that low potassium levels in the blood can be a factor in depression. So eat potatoes and mash before slipping under the duvet!
  • 9. BANANAS.
    No, we’re not going to make a questionable joke about the phallic shape of a banana (even my nephew who just got into fourth grade is embarrassed when someone does). No, we just want to inform you that bananas are high in potassium and that potassium helps you counter the effects of foods high in sodium which make you bloat the can.
    According to a study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, pomegranate juice has an incredibly positive effect on erection problems. Its many antioxidants indeed facilitate blood circulation. A drink, and let’s go (well we hope so, eh)!
  • 11. RED WINE.
    Well, it’s clear you’re going to wince a bit when it comes to shoveling rolling, but it’s the effect on your body that matters after all. According to the Journal of S*xual Medicine, women who consume red wine would see their s*xual desire increase at high speed. The cause of this phenomenon? Antioxidants trigger the production of nitric oxide in the blood and relax the walls of the arteries to help blood flow.
    What, you thought it wasn’t wise to eat a burger on your date’s night? Think again: if you are suffering from iron deficiency, it can lead to low libido. Fill up on energy by enjoying a good burger to avoid moments of fatigue, weakness, and irritability.
  • 13. COFFEE.
    When the mornings are difficult, coffee is always there to stimulate us, the perfect lifeline to face your day with panache. It also allows us to survive the famous bouts of fatigue in the afternoon, but did you know that its stimulating virtues could put you in the mood before having fun in bed? No? Well, now you know it!
  • 14. OATS.
    For breakfast, eating oat seeds is a very good thing to stimulate your desire: a source of arginine, an amino acid commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction, oats also help lower cholesterol. thus avoiding heart problems, and blood circulation.
  • 15. VANILLA.
    Vanilla pods have a small aphrodisiac effect to fight erectile disorders in men. Indeed, vanilla acts on the central nervous system, and its smell indirectly stimulates s*xual desire. So don’t skimp on vanilla ice cream!
  • 16. GARLIC.
    According to historians, in ancient times the Egyptians used garlic to boost their stamina. There are also rumors from the corridors that King Henry IV, very focused on s*x, consumed garlic every day to keep fit before spending intimate moments with his conquests. So we warn you anyway, you risk not smelling very good from the mouth and making the object of your desire to flee, but everything is in measure. Think carefully and arm yourself with some eucalyptus chewing gum.
    We can not advise you to make blueberry tarts, because it is not only good for your health but also, according to various studies carried out at Harvard and the University of East Anglia, these fruits, rich in flavonoids, effectively fight erectile dysfunction in men.
    Yes, we know, summer is over. And if like us, you are very nostalgic and winter is not your thing, we will add a little more, sorry. Because yes, watermelon is a good s*xual stimulant. The fruit, like tomatoes, is rich in lycopene, which not only lowers the risk of certain chronic diseases but turns out to be an excellent antioxidant, which successfully counteracts free radicals.
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