12 Things You Should Never Do While Having Sex


When you are in bed with your partner and planning to have sex you do have certain things in your head that you want to do. And the last thing you want to do is turn off your partner. Many relationships have been cut short because of what happened prior to having sex.

So we are here to give you some tips to save your relationships and enhance your sex life.

1. Not kissing your partner. Kisses are the best, get that straight!

How can you not? If your partner is not kissing you, it’s time for you move on right now.

2. Ignoring the rest of the body and focusing on just genitals.

Genitals are great but how about kissing their back or biting ears?

3. Please don’t try to make small talk when you don’t want to.

Don’t talk about as random as whether or what you ate before coming. Don’t.

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4. Putting your weight on your partner and not realizing.

Yes, we get it you are are feeling it but you don’t want them dead, right?

5. Eating just before having sex.

You don’t want to burp in your partner’s mouth do you or embarrass yourself by making them smell your fart.

6. Answering the phone.

It is certainly a major turn off and no one, and I say it again, no one will like it and it’ll kill the mood.

7. Not warning your partner before the climax.

Tell your partner beforehand if you are about to climax. It is always easier that way. Both may decide to hit the climax together or one party may plead for a delay.

8. Pointing out their physical imperfections.

Stop saying “you are gaining weight” or “I don’t like this I see”. Cut it out!

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9. Failing to reciprocate oral.

You can’t just receive and not return the favor, right?

10. Don’t compare them with your ex.

This is the last thing you’d want to do. Enjoy the moment, please.

11. Pressure your partner in to finishing quick.

Let it come naturally; don’t force your partner to finish quickly, ever

12. Don’t make set conditions

This is not the time to request for that money or insist a phone or laptop is given to you before sex takes place. Most people would end the relationship at that moment.

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